This guide is designed to help Mac OSX users and Google Chrome users if they are experiencing issues with form submission.  This general information may fix the problem or prepare your system.

Troubleshooting guides

Please try one set of steps, then check if PDF documents can be opened with Adobe Reader directly from the browser. Do not keep going with further steps once the issue is resolved.

Ensure software is up to date

Before changing any computer settings, please first check that the computer has the most recent browser version and the most recent Adobe Reader version.

Free versions and updates are available for:

Don't want to make any configuration changes?

Some online forms allow you to open a blank copy.  If using this method, please ensure that each time the current form version is obtained, as only the most current version of the online form can be submitted online. Older, out of date, forms will be rejected when trying to submit to Onform.

Steps involved:

  1. A blank copy of the form can usually be emailed on request. Please contact Onform support on 1800 115 825 for assistance.
  2. Try opening the blank form directly from the email.
  3. If this does not work, save the form to the desktop, then open Adobe Reader. From Adobe Reader, open the saved form from the desktop.
  4. Fill in the form, and submit it as per the instructions on the form.


Get in touch

Please contact us on 1800 115 825 for a demonstration and to discuss your options, or submit an enquiry form: