The Onform platform provides customers with the following technical and functional features:

  • Managed Infrastructure (IaaS) hosting within Australia
  • Secure Application Hosting
  • Secure user interface (SSL with Extended Validation)
  • Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Server 4
  • Application modules include:
    1. Forms Designer (Form layout design)
    2. Forms Manager (save & manage pdf & html forms)
    3. Mobile Forms (auto device and browser detection & render in html or pdf)
    4. Forms Portal (Forms selection webpage, unique url indexed by Google)
    5. Output (form becomes non-editable & flattens for archiving)
    6. Reader Extensions (unlimited)
  • All required Adobe Licensing included (no cost, with auto upgrades)
  • Hosting of unlimited number of Smartforms (business & citizen)
  • Secure smartform data management (form lockdown, no footprint)
  • Supports large form document attachments (up to 50Mb per form)
  • Multi-browser support (IE, Firefox, Safari & Chrome)
  • Secure integrations with:
    1. ABR (Australian Business No. validation)
    2. VMAS (Victorian address validation)
    3. AHPRA (Health practitioner validation)
    4. SecurePay (Credit Card Payment Gateway)

A detailed outline of the Managed Services can found underĀ Support.

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